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Kalpana's World
About Me

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few very important people in my life. First a BIG thanks to God for my husband Ranjit-my oxygen-truly the most wonderful person I ever met in my life and for blessing us with a beautiful son Raunak-the sunshine of our lives.
A BIG Thanks to mummy for everything that she has done for me. Mom thanks for taking so much care in all my affairs even when you were extreamly busy. Can never forget all those days when you had to get up at 4 in the morning for my EAMCET classes and forgiving me so easily when I could not get through the entrace. All that helped me be a better human being mom! Thanks daddy for gaving me all the love, care and freedom of thought. Thanks for those long hours of talk we used to have about everything under the sun. Thanks for moulding me into a confident individual. And thanks to my brother, one of the most important pillars of my life, for being there for me always. I wouldn't have managed many things in my life with out you Mahesh. And thanks to Ranjit for his confidence in me and the encouragement he always gives. He has been the biggest inspiration in my life. I love you Ranjit! And Thank you Grand Pa and Grand Ma for everything. Wish you were here to see the things happening in my life. Miss you. Hope you are being looked after well up in the heaven.

I am Kalpana, 24 year old-Gemini, working for NIIT as a computer faculty. Did my bachelors in Computer Science from Siddhanti Degree College, GNIIT program from NIIT Sec-bad and am presently doing my masters in computer applications from Indira Gandhi Open University.

I started my career at Comp-U-Learn SRNagar, teaching C and C++ immediately after my graduation in March 1999. Later I joined NIIT in Dec 2000 and this is my second home now.

I always wanted to become a doctor but I also wanted to be an Air Hostress and then I changed my mind and wanted to do Hotel Management and then I changed my mind yet again and wanted to join All India Radio. There was a stage when I wanted to write my CDS and join defense services and at another stage, I wanted to become a free lancing journalist. Then I had some ideas for becoming an expert in mob psycology, take up professional counselling for people with severe inferiority complex but finally ended up as a IT trainer at NIIT and that is one of the best things that could ever happen to me. I know that I am in the right profession, the profession I was made for and destined to take up :)

I am very fond of PhotoShop. I keep creating wallpapers every now and then and am planning to put up all of them here on my site.

I also paint a little. Not a great artist, but I do pencil sketches and now-a-days am experimenting with colors. I mostly do abstract with water colors on paper, preferably handmade and crushed paper. I also do paining on junk-like broken ceramic tiles, saucers and glass.

When I have absolutely nothing to do, I try my hands on making jewelary(not very good at it though). And as everyone of my age, I like music and my favorates are, 'West Life', 'Aba' and 'Elvis Presley'. I don't watch movies but like watching TV. My favorate serials are 'Malgudi Days' , 'Discovery of India' and I do not like soaps a lot but now a days I enjoy watching 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin'.